2022: 21/4 – 30/11
John, Count Capo d’Istria
Organised by Capodistrias Museum with the support of the Rothschild Foundation
Curated by Daria Koskorou

In 2022 the Capodistrias Museum organized its first temporary exhibition, with the initiative and the support of the Rothschild Foundation. The exhibition presented the unique facsimile of the famous painting “portrait of John, Count Capo d’Istria” by Sir Thomas Lawrence, which was commissioned by the Rothschild Foundation for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution.

The original painting, created in 1818, is on permanent display at Windsor Castle in England and belongs to the Royal Art Collection. The Rothschild Foundation commissioned the Factum Foundation to create the facsimile of the painting. This is a unique copy created using cutting-edge technologies, faithfully rendering the original masterpiece. A highly expressive portrait of Count Ioannis Capodistrias, highlights his contribution to the restoration of Peace in the post-Napoleonic era and the connections between European and modern Greek history.

In the exhibition, the timelessness of Capodistrias’ values was revealed by creating a dialogue between the historical context and references of the original 19th century commission and the contemporary facsimile.

The ” John, Count Capo d’Istria ” exhibition was accompanied by an educational program, digital tour guide, podcast and other special events.

Exhibition Resources:

    • Listen to the podcast episode with Jonathon Bond, author of ‘Capodistrias, The story behind a portrait’.